"Varan" Walnut (AUS-8 Steel)


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Russian Hunting knife "Varan"+sheath Kizlyar knives (AUS-8, wooden handle)

Varan is a drop point hunting knife.  Small hunting knife everyone needs, yet not everyone has.  Varan name comes from Latin Varanus – lizard family which lives on all continents and which is very unpretentious.  And so is your Varan hunting and camping companion.  Well designed, ergonomically fit, this knife is well appreciated around camp, on the fishing trip or hunting journey.
Made in Russia, used everywhere!
This hunting knife with full tang design is a dependable tool, that looks good, serves the owner and ready for any work.
Handle is made from Caucasus Walnut with vacuum applied deep oiling.  Excellent grip.

Full length - 240 mm (9.5 inch)
Blade length - 121 mm (4.8 inch)
Blade thickness - 2.4 mm (0.1 inch)
Stainless steel - is resistant to corrosion (AUS-8)
Sharpening - concave
Sheath - belt sheath made of genuine leather
The shape of the blade - expanding to the tip
Construction -  half of the arms by means of pins are attached to the blade
Handle- Caucasian walnut
Note: does not apply to melee weapons.
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