"Cherry-3" (U-8, Leather)
"Cherry-3" (U-8, Leather)
"Cherry-3" (U-8, Leather)
"Cherry-3" (U-8, Leather)
"Cherry-3" (U-8, Leather)
"Cherry-3" (U-8, Leather)

"Cherry-3" (U-8, Leather)


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Russian Tactical knife "Cherry-3" + sheath Noks knives (U-8, ABS)

"HP Cherry-3" is a knife from a popular series of Finnish knives, which stands out among its brethren with an unconventional shape. The characteristic, very recognizable symmetrical plastic handle of "Cherry" is continued not with the traditional "pike", but with a dagger-like blade. Despite the predatory, powerful prick-oriented form "HP Cherry-3" cuts perfectly and is practical in everyday life. The double-sided stop reliably protects the fingers. The knife is easily disassembled for cleaning and repair. Designed by Alexander Biryukov.

Full length - 267 mm (10.5 inch)
Blade length - 147 mm (5.8 inch)
Blade thickness - 2.5 mm (0.1 inch)
Stainless steel - U8 Steel
Steel hardness - 58-60 HRC
Sheath - Leather
Handle- ABS Plastic

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