Thanks to the successful combination of the latest production technologies and traditional handwork, Kizlyar knives have become very popular not only in Russia, but also around the World. Because of the unique ratio of price and quality, a consumer with any income level, without problems, will be able to pick up and buy a knife Kizlyar of excellent quality.

The history of the company Kizlyar

In April 1995, the first models of Kizlyar knives brought special fame: Scorpion, Taiga, Golden eagle, which, because of their reliability and aggressive design, were in great demand among the military, special forces soldiers, and law enforcement officers. As a result of the dynamic development of the company, increasing demand for products, in 1998 it was decided to allocate the production of knife products in an independent enterprise. From this very moment, the company Kizlyar, thoroughly declared itself as an obelisk of reliability and quality. The company quickly increased its range of knives. And now makes knives of excellent quality, for completely different purposes. All models of knives, daggers and checkers are made by hand, using the traditions of Caucasian gunsmiths of past centuries.

Products Of Kizlyar

Kizlyar knives come in various categories : folding, tourist, hunting knives. Also, an important role in the history of the company is played by its author's knives, which carry the same author's style that has developed in the company historically, during its existence. The company produces about 100 basic models of knives, and there are more than 200 of them taking into account various versions . All manufactured products are subject to mandatory certification. The quality of the company's products is marked by a large number of prizes and awards at various exhibitions and competitions.

Standards of Kizlyar knives

The phrase" Kizlyar knives" itself is a guarantee of an unshakeable quality standard. Hunters, collectors, and just knife lovers have a luxurious choice. But at the same time, the company does not stand still. Along with preserving traditions, new technologies and equipment are constantly being introduced.