"Samur-2" Elastron G (AUS-8)
"Samur-2" Elastron G (AUS-8)
"Samur-2" Elastron G (AUS-8)
"Samur-2" Elastron G (AUS-8)

"Samur-2" Elastron G (AUS-8)


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Russian Hunting knife "Samur-2" + sheath Kizlyar knives (AUS-8, Elastron G)

Full length - 280 mm (11 inch)
Blade length -160 mm (6.3 inch)
Blade thickness - 4.2 mm (0.17 inch)
Stainless steel - is resistant to corrosion (AUS-8)
Sharpening - Half-concave
Sheath - belt sheath made of genuine leather
The shape of the blade - the traditional form of the blade, on the blade butt trim
Construction -  On a solid shank knife put on guard, pommel, handle and fasten screws
Handle- Elastron G
Note: does not apply to melee weapons.
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